Holistic and Integrative Counseling Services

Combining the best of both counseling and health coaching approaches to provide the whole person with the right support, guidance and accountability on your journey to optimal wellness. Whether you struggle with harmful eating behaviors, are confused by cravings that seem out of your control or feel you are on an emotional roller coaster and want to experience more balance, confidence and freedom in choice, I can help.

You deserve to feel your best self and live your best life! 

Providing Individual and Couples Counseling in Vancouver, Washington.

Counseling and relationship Therapy

Find out about our unique integrative counseling and therapy approach to individual and couples counseling...

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Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating

Ready to take the next step? Break free from harmful eating behaviors and discover a new relationship to food and your body...

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Heart with hands

Love yourself from the inside out

Reconnect with your true self and learn to nurture yourself with love, compassion and respect. Experience the freedom to live an authentic life...

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I could not recommend Gina highly enough! The work we have done together has been transformative. When I met Gina I was struggling with lethargy, poor eating habits and stagnating self-care. With Gina’s energetic, but patient and compassionate guidance, I was able to non-judgementally learn my patterns and collaboratively create realistic and achievable goals. After just a few sessions I could feel my life changing for the better. Gina empowered me to invest in my self-care and to understand that authentic self-love is about prioritizing health and wellness before all else. I will be forever grateful for the hard work we have done together and highly recommend Gina to be at your side, inspiring you on the journey towards optimal health. 

Mehera Scheu - Portland, OR

I really enjoyed the combination of science, meditation and strategy, along with Gina’s amazing support, encouragement and down-to-earth approach. It was an insightful and transformative process for me, and I can’t imagine going through it without Gina by my side. She has a calm and knowledgeable approach that helped me greatly. She balanced the right amount of pressure, grace, encouragement and knowledge to help me make strides toward my goal. I highly encourage anyone to work with Gina.

Kendra Payne - Welches, OR