Finally Break Free from Emotional Eating

Transform your relationship with

food and your body.


Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused when it comes to food? Do you feel disconnected from your body or sometimes feel uncomfortable and trapped in it? Are you in a constant cycle of negative eating patterns that leave you feeling ashamed and disappointed in yourself? You are not alone. 

Emotional connections to food are woven into the fabric of our experience as humans. In fact, eating for emotional reasons is normal and can be healthy. Eating can be an amazing way to bring people together, experience different cultures and to create ways to bring yourself and others pleasure. Emotional eating only becomes a problem when it’s the primary way someone copes with or avoids feelings.

So many women, including me, struggle with negative relationships with food and their bodies. Whether it is overindulging or deprivation, these behaviors keep you trapped in guilt, shame and self-loathing negatively impacting your emotions, your health, your family and your life.

Is it time to take back your life and be the happy and healthy person you were meant to be? 

Through the Emotional Eating program I help women regulate their weight and break free from emotional eating patterns that continue to cause low self-worth and acceptance so they can create a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. 

The surprising fact is that most of the time, food itself isn’t the problem. It’s the solution. This program will help you uncover the underlying issues that are driving your unhealthy eating behaviors, and teach you a new way of relating to food that will change your life. This is not a diet. You will not be asked to give up the food you love but will be given the tools so you can enjoy them with awareness and without the guilt and shame. This program will empower you so you can stop chronic dieting, overeating, and other harmful eating behaviors and nourish your body so you feels your best. 

Together, we identify the patterns and behaviors that are fueling your unhealthy relationship with food and keeping you stuck in your guilt, shame, disappointment and self-loathing. You will learn how to shift negative beliefs and reconnect with your innate wisdom and goodness. You will learn to trust yourself again and create a new healthy behaviors that make you feel good inside and out. 

You will have a safe space to explore your patterns so you can do more than just temporarily shift your daily habits. This program is steeped in transformational tools to help you see whats been holding you back from fully loving yourself so you can treat your body with the respect and compassion you desire and deserve. Learning to love your mind, body and heart is key to healing and truly transforming your life. 

What is holding you back from feeling connected to your body, mind and heart? This is the time!  Take charge of your life and create the love, freedom and confidence you deserve! 

What People are saying:

Gina Watkins led (via social media and one-on-one phone calls) a 14 day New Year's Mind and Body Reset Cleanse.  I was one of the 15 participants who Gina guided with written materials and personal coaching and, as a result, have a new attitude toward what and how I eat.  I have been made aware of how different foods affect my body, both in my energy level and in how I feel in general.  Thank you, Gina, for leading me to better health!

A. Brown- San Rafael, CA

Just completed a 14-day cleanse under the guidance of Gina.  I found the entire experience rejuvenating and supportive from start to finish.  During my initial consultation, Gina asked insightful questions to get at the heart of my hopes for the cleanse.  She listened intently and offered helpful guidance.  Throughout the cleanse, she was supportive and offered myriad  resources for cleanse-friendly meals.  Even though the cleanse is over, I continue refer to the recipes and other wisdom Gina offered.  Thanks, Gina, for your invaluable encouragement and expertise.

Katie Shenk - Denver, CO