At the heart of every moment their is a choice

What is yours? 

You are powerful, whole, resourceful and fully capable of creating the change you want to experience in your self and your life no what your present state may feel like or reflect. 

Do you experience a roller coaster of emotions- anxious, depressed, fearful, angry? 

Are you struggling in your relationship and you are not sure why? 

What if emotional imbalance was a signal that you are neglecting the needs of your physical body in some way?

Did you know that we store our past traumas in our bodies? Mental, emotional and physical symptoms such as stress, depression, anxiety, body aches and pain, colds, and even cancer can manifest if we have not found a way to release and heal our memories. 

How we care for our mental health is just as important as how we care for our physical health. They are not mutually exclusive. When we neglect one or treat it poorly the other is impacted and ultimately effects all areas of out lives.  

I work with individuals and couples who are experiencing emotional imbalance that is either impacting or is impacted by physical health, love, relationships, career, parenting and life transitions.

I provide an integrative and holistic approach to mind and body healing and wellness. I believe your mental, emotional and physical health are all interconnected and impact each other. If one part is undernourished then it impacts the others. I will help you find the compassion, forgiveness and permission to release what has been keeping you from healing and give yourself the love and acceptance you deserve. 

Our lives are filled with family and friends, career and home, along with many other activities and commitments. Sometimes, we can begin to feel a level of stress that increases worry and anxiety, decreases self-worth, negatively impacting our health and well being. Finding that inspiration that leads us to more joyous experiences can be challenging.

Many people get caught in cycles of poor health habits which cause them to feel stuck with low energy, poor body image, a foggy brain and in a life that does not make them happy. When we are not feeling our best in our mental and physical health, it negatively impacts other areas of our life- relationships, parenting, business, health, home life and environment.

Together we explore the path that has led you to where you are now and discover the path where you are inspired to show up for yourself (and others) in a whole new way mentally, physically, energetically and spiritually. Uncover the areas of your life where you have been stuck and work towards increased personal growth and self-awareness so you have the ability to be the best version of yourself.

As a medical social worker for many years, I have witnessed the decline of people’s physical and mental functioning due to lifelong patterns of negative mindset, poor diet, lack of exercise, and being over-medicated and under-educated about the impact certain habits have on the body and mind. 

With all the health information out there, it can be so confusing and frustrating to find what is right for you, your needs, your body and your lifestyle. When you have access to education combined with the support and accountability it creates an opportunity prevent dis-ease and to live life with optimal health and feeling your best.

I am here for you!  I will guide you, support you, believe you and be your accountability partner so you feel empowered to stay on YOUR unique path to health and wellness. Together we create a new vision for you to move forward in life with a plan, a purpose, and positive outlook on your health and across all areas of your life.

**I do not accept insurance but can offer Out Of Network services. Please check with your insurance company if you are eligible.